Zainab Rahim

Inspiring Award-Winning Author

Turning down several opportunities such as a scholarship for higher degree, and invitation to join the ruling party, Zainab pursued her studies in effective communication trained by BBC trainers in Europe as well as Australia. At the same time she got married and started a family.

Zainab's Story

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with several regional communication stations in South East Asia, she learnt how volatile and uncertain the future could be. A pioneer batch of Malay educated in Colonial Singapore, through continuous learning in several professional institutions in Europe, Australia and Singapore, she led her current affairs team under the administration of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew between 1970-2005 where ‘CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT’ for her.

PAP’s letter to Zainab

Turning down opportunities of a life time, Zainab pursued her studies in effective communication in Europe and Australia with world class trainers.
Working with the founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, she learnt to develop a toolbox for emotional empowerment in the ever growing and changing material world. In her childhood, fear and hatred turned many to harbor  a ‘diseased heart’ drowned with the feeling of jealousy, rudeness and deviant behavior. Determined to clear her past ruled by fear and anger, Never A Victim is Zainab’s emotional journey into the break of the third millennium.

Most promising ASIAN BANKER

In 2014, her son was voted the MOST PROMISING YOUNG ASIAN BANKER from Singapore– standing tall among eminent world’s bankers holding his AWARD, he acknowledged his parents for his career choice.
Winning several other international awards, he is currently working in China and his Singapore bank was voted world’s best for two years - 2019 and 2020. His parent’s past became a ghost as he made his way into the global banking world mixing with world’s richest.

Hall of Fame

Lo and Behold Among 50 Media professionals over the past 50 years, Zainab was inducted into the Singapore's Media Industry HALL OF FAME, by the SINGAPORE PRESS CLUB AWARDS ' 2022.

Presenting a Hari Raya Show

In a single frame, Zainab shines as she embraces Malay culture with grace and passion. With a mic in one hand, she shares stories, captivating her audience with her words. Dancing with her beloved, she radiates joy and love, embodying the spirit of celebration. Through her presence, Zainab brings to life the beauty and richness of Malay traditions, blending tradition with modernity effortlessly. She stands as a beacon of cultural pride, her performance a testament to her artistry and devotion to her heritage.

Zainab's Gallery
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Working with like-minded, together with her life partner of 50 years, they help victims of violence and past injustice caught with hatred, anger, jealousy and greed.


Travelling the vast and ecstatic Middle Eastern countries and the Mediterranean – from Spain to Greece, she discovered how mythology, philosophy, ideology, and religions eventually evolved into modern political systems of the 20th century and WHY her political leaders back home were successful to transformed Singapore overnight.

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The TIME spent in recreation - meeting friends from all walks of life – cyclists, golfers, swimmers and underwater divers – they built up resilience to sustain their strength by nurturing LOVE and KINDNESS.

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Seeking for the light to live with sensibility and sensitivity, she accepted the new reality of the continuously changing comfort zone for new norms to evolve and a FUTURE where the leadership provides the vision and mission for a harmonious relationship for millennials to live in peace to reach out for their dreams at the break this third millennium – in another 1000 years.

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