Never a Victim

Empower Yourself by Leading from Within

Written for the millennials, this book is about self-empowerment. It is to ensure success at all collective leadership levels: the corporate world, the nation and beyond. It underscores the premise that the ‘family’ is the microcosm of society that defines children’s success or failure which ultimately, determines the society’s success.

This book points the way to the journey into the future, with milestones and landmarks through the vivid examples of the author’s life tormented by differences in religions, races and political ideologies. Will COVID-19 be a wake up call for purveyors of hate, greed and arrogance to learn that we owe our children a better world?

The Book comes with 1 FREE downloadable – Emotional Empowerment, by the Author at SGD $43/-.  

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Emotional Empowerment

Take back control from the 7 emotions that are holding you hostage!

The book Emotional Empowerment, is designed as a ‘toolbox’ for millennials to build their confidence and creativity with greater inclusivity with a focus on continuous life-long learning in a challenging world.

Why? Change is the only constant in life. With change comes uncertainties of direction and purpose of living. Transforming the past Culture of Hate into one of a Culture of Empowerment becomes a must for millennials in the 21st century.


Note: Purchase of a copy of "Never a Victim" comes with a complimentary copy of "Emotional Empowerment"

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Zainab Rahim

Inspiring and Award-Winning Author

Zainab Rahim, a pioneer in education and media, embodies a lifelong commitment to bridging cultures and understanding global dynamics. From pioneering the first Malay secondary school established by Lee Kuan Yew to her academic pursuits at the University of Singapore, she exemplified excellence. Her dedication to mastering English and 'Bahasa' enabled her to connect with diverse audiences worldwide and within the Malay community. Her journalistic endeavors, including coverage of significant events like the fall of President Suharto, underscore her quest for insight and understanding. Author of "Never a Victim" and "Emotional Empowerment," Zainab continues to inspire multiracial Singaporean millennials to rise as catalysts for positive change.

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