Emotional Empowerment

This book, Emotional Empowerment defies the notion of Emotional Intelligence. EMOTIONS are simply neuro-transmitters from the brain (made up of 84 billion neurons) and no intelligence is attached to emotions. You can never be a Winner to live in peace and abundance successfully.

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The book Emotional Empowerment, is designed as a ‘toolbox’ for millennials to build their confidence and creativity with greater inclusivity with a focus on continuous life-long learning in a challenging world.

Why? Change is the only constant in life. With change comes uncertainties of direction and purpose of living. Transforming the past Culture of Hate into one of a Culture of Empowerment becomes a must for millennials in the 21st century.

The Importance of Emotions

  • They Guide Your Thoughts

    Emotions are what challenge you as you face the world.
    When you feel fear or anger, and you begin to examine why you’re feeling this way, this emotion can set your thoughts along new pathways. So you must not react to an emotional issue but to respond accordingly to discover the TRUTHS hidden in the emotion. In psychotherapy, a study of how the MINDS work, we found 95% of it is made up of the subconscious mind.

  • Emotions Stir You to Action

    Awareness of your emotions and the changing times, such as the new challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic as well as climatic crisis at the dawn of the 3rd millennium would stir many into taking the next steps forward. Those feelings of anxiety and added stress perhaps are meant to force you into positive action to save yourself. Your anxiety might be directed at preparing yourself for new skills that will lead you to do something new in the Digital Age.

  • Emotions Tell You Who You Are

    In the end, our thoughts start to weave together a story of who you are at this moment. When you have your emotions under control, you can find your place with ease and confidence in the universe. You ought to become happier, more content guided by appropriate knowledge and information rather than being angry or finding faults against others unnecessarily. You can use these emotions to get to a place where you’re better than you ever were before.


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