Never a Victim

In NEVER A VICTIM, the author leaves behind 7 lessons for millennials to build up their resilience and sustainability in the way she raised her son, currently a senior Singapore banker with a bank voted as world’s best in 2019 and 2020.

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Can lessons from the PAST, with hidden gems in the LAWS of the UNIVERSE guide our millennials? Will ASEAN with its 600 million people rise to clear limiting beliefs in the globalized world of the Digital Age?  As the Laws of the Universe is to test our millennials continuously, how do we empower our millennials further? Are we to see them growing as ‘strawberries’, red and juicy, to be chewed and enjoyed by others? What does it take for our young to be resilient and sustainable in the new era of the 21st century?

Find the answers in Zainab’s book, NEVER A VICTIM – a personal life journey battling the FUTURE into the break of another 1000 years – the 3rd millennium!


  • Never be a victim

    You will never be a victim to anybody once you understand how your mind and emotion work to ensure appropriate actions for success. Once you know how to communicate effectively, you will always get what you want without having to fight for it.

  • Manage your mind & emotion

    By managing your mind and emotion, you will find money to be a tool for happiness and you will be able to live in abundance.

  • Maintain your success

    To maintain your success, you have to be aware of the hidden danger that comes with it. You will be able to find a silver lining behind every failure to help you rise to a higher level successfully in the continuous trial and tribulation of life.

  • Recover from failure

    You will be able to find a silver lining behind every failure to help you rise to a higher level successfully in the continuous trial and tribulation of life.

  • Develop resilience to face challenges

    You will be able to develop resilience to face challenges of uncertainties and make appropriate choice of actions to find your future path, empowering your inner 'self', successfully.

  • For young parents

    You will understand the strength of your children's learning psychology to help them nurture their potential successfully in the competitive environment of global diversity.

  • And more!
    • You will find how the pragmatic political philosophy of Lee Kuan Yew turned Singapore into a first world nation in the last century of the second millennium.
    • Most of all, you will discover how powerfully destructive the subconscious mind can be and how to manage it from blocking your way to live successfully by turning problems into opportunities.

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For the author, Emotions are the BOSS not to rule you but to lead you into success in life. A simple rule of thumb for any organization to be sustainable successfully.

Emotions are complicated things.  Emotions are ‘energy-in motion’ that will influence your actions and ultimately your life. They created habits and formed life attitude. Emotions cannot be controlled, but without managing that ‘energy in-motion’, you will be held hostage and your life problematic.

The Importance of Emotions

Ready to go a little deeper?
Emotions serve another purpose beyond the basics.  Emotions can tell you a lot about yourself. They Explain Who You’ve Been

  1. They Guide Your Thoughts

Emotions are what challenge you as you face the world.
When you feel fear or anger, and you begin to examine why you’re feeling this way, this emotion can set your thoughts along new pathways. So you must not react to an emotional issue but to respond accordingly to discover the TRUTHS hidden in the emotion. In psychotherapy, a study of how the MINDS work, we found 95% of it is made up of the subconscious mind.

In NEVER A VICTIM, when the writer lost her job in 2005, she wanted to go back to the University to pursue a PHD program, something she left behind when she joined broadcasting immediately after graduation in 1970. It was her son who reminded her that the world had changed. She had to get real!
Singapore was fortunate as the leadership gave much emphasis on continuous learning for the people’s MIND to be in tune with the changing time. With the onslaught of COVID19 pandemic, new challenges would set a new path of learning into the future.  This could spell trouble if you are not emotionally prepared!

  1. EMOTIONS Stir You to Action

Awareness of your emotions and the changing times, such as the new challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic as well as climatic crisis at the dawn of the 3rd millennium would stir many into taking the next steps forward. Those feelings of anxiety and added stress perhaps are meant to force you into positive action to save yourself. Your anxiety might be directed at preparing yourself for new skills that will lead you to do something new in the Digital Age.

  1. Emotions Tell You Who You Are

In the end, our thoughts start to weave together a story of who you are at this moment. When you have your emotions under control, you can find your place with ease and confidence in the universe. You ought to become happier, more content guided by appropriate knowledge and information rather than being angry or finding faults against others unnecessarily. You can use these emotions to get to a place where you’re better than you ever were before.

The book, NEVER A VICTIM – Empower Yourself by Leading from Within is full of illustrations of how the writer coped with her emotional turbulence as Singapore transformed itself from a sleepy island into a first world nation. It was only when she lost her job that she was compelled to take up a new learning curve becoming a psychotherapist working to instil confidence and faith in herself as well as her clients who were mostly deep in emotional turbulence suffering problem in relationships and financial difficulties. The past for many was a story of social injustice, where the weak, women and children were exploited.

At the break of the 3rd millennium, COVID19 proved that all men are equal as scientists discovered that every individual is made up of trillion cells. Understanding how the MIND and EMOTION work for a better future has given a new hope for many.

Forgiving the past to move forward into a better world becomes a challenge for our young millennials today.

To live in a better and fairer world of the future, let us understand 7 basic emotions that had posed problems inherited from the past.

1. What are these 7 emotions about?
2. What triggered them to remain destructive in our life?
3. How to manage and cope with these problems so as to live the life of our dream?


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The 4As

Avoid self-sabotage

Stop being subconsciously pulled back into the past and repeating self-limiting behaviour. Learn to manage your emotions and actions.

Avoid dependence

Avoid dependence on others by harnessing effective loving relationships, kindness and compassion for a life of abundance.

Avoid bad relationships

Avoid the disaster of bad relationships using effective communication to get what you want without having to fight for it.

Avoid the downward spiral

Avoid the downward spiral threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic as it breaks up systems, beliefs, norms and tradition studiously built over time to crumble overnight.